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Partner Education Online Systems (EOS)

Imagine being able to bring more people to your website, earn more with virtually no effort, and provide quality eLearning courses right from your website...

Imagine having a Learning Delivery Platform!
The Partner Education Online System is a shared online learning platform that course authors and product providers can link to their primary website to give customers direct access to subscribe to online continuing education courses. The site is partially customized to you so the customer sees a seamless process for subscribing to courses and feel like they are still on your web site.

Imagine spending little time or effort to support it!
The EOS division of Fitness Learning System provides all the management of the online learning platform and customer support to the course subscribers. The subscription process is completely automatic including credit card processing and online quiz grading.

Its very affordable!
Because this is a shared platform the setup for the partner is fast and very affordable. The necessary changes on your primary website are minimal and may only require providing the proper links to the Partner EOS platform.  You can select any or all of the courses available in the Fitness Learning Systems course library or you can work with FLS to create your own content.
(See Course Development for more information on creating custom courses.)

For more information contact Steve@FitnessLearningSystems.com or
Call 888.221.1612.