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Private Label Education Online Systems (EOS)

Now you can provide home study education and training!
The Private Label Education Online System is a dedicated online education platform that is customized to match your Association/ Organization's primary web site. This platform is ideal for associations/certifying organizations to offer online continuing education to their members or certified base. This is a great way to help retain your members/certified base while adding an additional revenue stream for your organization.

It is affordable and customized to you! 
The level of integration with the organization's primary web site can be customized to best meet your needs. We have created a process for deploying these customized platforms that keeps the initial cost low and maximizes return to the organization as volume increases. 

Select existing material, create your own, or both!
Your organization can select any or all of the courses available in the Fitness Learning Systems course library, work with FLS to create your own content, or both.
(See Course Development for more information on creating custom courses.)  

Click Here to access a report on how the Private Label Education Online System can benefit your organization.
For more information contact Steve Chewning