Tai Chi: The Best Fall Prevention Protocol
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By: Dianne Bailey, CSCS
Webinar Description:
If you are working with the mature market, you need to be addressing balance with each client. The medical community is recognizing that falls are a major concern with the aging population causing hospital stays, loss of independence and even death. Tai Chi has been proven to improve balance in those that practice its techniques. Learn how to incorporate the principles of Tai Chi into your regular sessions with each of your clients to help them work on their balance and prevent the destructive consequences of falling. Dianne Bailey, certified Tai Chi instructor and the creator of the Open the Door to Tai Chi system, will help you understand how simple Tai Chi can be and how beneficial it is for your clients. Dianne is also a personal trainer and owner of a studio in Denver, CO where she not only uses Tai Chi in her training sessions, but also teaches Tai Chi classes to give her clients the full opportunity to learn this amazing form of exercise.

Education Level: All Levels
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Webinar Objectives:
After completing this course you will be able to:
  1. Identify 8 statistics about falls and their consequences
  2. Identify 8 techniques in Tai Chi that help with balance and fall prevention.
  3. Describe ways that 4 myths about teaching Tai Chi can be debunked.
  4. Discuss why to use Tai Chi and how it improves balance.
  5. List 5 ways Tai Chi is easy to use and how it promotes cognitive health.
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