Corrective Exercise Strategies for the Forward Shoulder and Head
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By: Dr. Evan Osar
Webinar Description:
Many older clients present with the forward head and shoulder posture. What?s more important than the posture itself is how this alignment impacts function. The forward head and shoulder posture dramatically impacts range of motion in both the neck and shoulder as well as impacts the ability to optimally use the shoulder and upper limb. The great news is that by helping the older adult develop a more optimal and efficient posture and movement strategy, the health and fitness professional can be instrumental in helping individuals regain health, vitality, and improve their quality of life. During this webinar, you will discover why so many older adults experience the forward head and shoulder posture and how they impact movement and lead to osteoarthritic changes of the neck and shoulder. Additionally, you will discover how the principles and concepts of the Integrative Movement System Corrective Exercise Strategy? can help your adult client develop more optimal and efficient posture and movement habits and successfully move towards accomplishing their goals.

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Webinar Objectives:
After completing this course you will be able to:
  1. Discover the fundamentals of optimal shoulder and neck function
  2. Define how corrective exercise can help establish a more optimal and efficient posture and movement strategy
  3. Develop the most effective and appropriate corrective exercise strategy
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