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Webinar List

Using Medical Fitness to Boost Quality Living & Alzheimer's Disease

Reinventing the Wheel - Fitness for the Autism Population

Working With Clients Who Have Diabetes or Prediabetes: What You Rellly Need to Know

Knee & Hip Replacement - What Fitness Professionals Need to Know

An Introduction to Fitness for Breast Cancer Survivors

Corrective Exercise for Older Clients with Degenerative Joint Disease

Exercise as Medicine - The Future of Healthcare

Learn How to Enhance Your Career by adding Stress Management Specialization

What You Need to Know About Heart Attack and Stroke When Working with Clients-Patients

Trends in Fitness-Wellness-Medical Integration

Understanding Parkinson?s Disease (PD) and the Role of Exercise in Symptom Management

What You Need to Know about Wearable Devices and Apps to Maximize Client/Patient Health & Your Business

Tai Chi: The Best Fall Prevention Protocol

Bigger, Fatter, Sicker: How the Standard American Diet is Killing Us!

Multiple Sclerosis: Tools to a Safe Exercise Program Design

Exercise Assessment and Program Design for Preventing Falls

Diastasis Recti - More Than Just a Pre-Natal Concern for Trainers

Lowering Barriers to Entry for Healthy Living

Creating Integrated Medical Fitness With Today's Medical Practices

Exercise and Nutrition for Bone Health

Corrective Exercise Strategies for the Forward Shoulder and Head

Fast Food Genocide: How Processed Foods Are Killing Us and What We Can Do About It

Integrating Brain Stimulating Exercise Into Older Adult Programming

Capitalizing on the "Middle Ground" Between Fitness and Medicine

Coaching Your Clients-Patients To Make Lifestyle Changes For Weight Loss

Corrective Exercise Strategies For Shoulder Impingement

Exercise Programming for Breast Cancer Survivors

ACL Prehabilitation - Reducing Risk by Increasing Demand

Yoga as a Tool for Managing Chronic Pain

An Introduction to Cannabis's Role as an Emerging Theraputic Agent

Benefits of Exercise Throughout Pregnancy

Evolution of the Fitness Industry

Alzheimer's and Managing Stress

DNA Testing - Defining a Path to Personalized Health & Wellness

Sleep from A to Zzzz

Fitness & Healthcare - Harnessing the Power of Partnership

Bionic Clients - One, Two or Four Joint Replacements

Essentials of Cardiovascular Disease and Exercise

Introduction to Parkinson's Disease Webinar