Accredited Interactive Online Continuing Education and Education Services

Fitness Learning Systems (FLS)

Fitness Learning Systems partners with health-fitness professionals to help you maintain certification and grow in the industry with quality home study eLearning continuing education courses. Knowledge is power. Let us help you use your continuing education to create a career path to better jobs and higher pay with Specialist Certificate Programs. 

Facility Education Source (FES)

Facility Education Source (FES) is the solution for providing quality education to certified/licensed professionals, employees, and members. You can now have a custom platform to meet your facility’s specific education needs from one source at a discounted price. Providing quality and focused education to your staff and members can be your key to expanded services, member retention, and new member recruitment.

Online Learning Strategies (OLS)

The “New Lunch and Learn” is an affordable way to deliver Employee Wellness education in a way that every employee, shift, and location can participate.  OLS provides a growing line of Employee Wellness eLearning courses that can be easily delivered from your organization. Impact your bottom line with improved health and productivity in your worksite. Topics center on lifestyle improvement, medical information, and quality of life management to facilitate stress reduction.

Education Online Systems (EOS)

We partner with facilities, organizations, and content authors to provide affordable online learning content management and delivery solutions.  We provide a variety of platforms to choose from to make it easy for you to manage and deliver your education content including economical set up and customer service.  

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