Ana Oriani, MA, AEA, ATRI

Ana OrianiMotivated by 23 years of professional experience in the fitness and aquatic industry, Ana founded the Global Institute for Integrated Wellness, Fitness and Aquatic Programs LLC which specializes in bilingual aquatic seminars and educational workshops. Ana is an AEA International Aquatic Training Specialist.
She specializes in exercise programming that combines techniques such as Yoga, Pilates, Ai-Chi and Feldenkrais for the deconditioned, arthritic, and overweight. As a competitive swimmer, she has discovered the specific needs of the swimming population to enhance their technique and help stay strong and flexible.
Ana is an AEA Training Specialist and International Provider and Presenter for the Aqua Pi-Yo-Chi™ system. She is also a Master Trainer for the Aquatrend™ Water Workout Station. She is a contributing writer for the Hispanic Media addressing the latest aquatic research and trends.
Author of: Buoyancy Stretches.