Certifying Organization Partners

Meet FLS Partner W.I.T.S.

World Instructor Training Schools
W.I.T.S. is recognized as both a leading certification body in the fitness industry and a higher learning education institution.  W.I.T.S. offers several fitness certifications at 1100 colleges and universities.  This approach has led them to set high standards for the performance and knowledge of fitness professionals.
W.I.T.S. is accredited by the American Council on Education.
W.I.T.S. is an IACET authorized education provider.

Meet FLS Partner National Association for Fitness Certification

The National Association for Fitness Certification mission is to educate you in becoming a critical thinking, movement specialist. Our specialized programs in Personal Training, Group Fitness, Pilates, Nutrition Coach and Wellness Consulting prepare you for an exciting career. The NAFC has provided scientifically-based, standards-focused education since 1992. NAFC is a full affiliate of the National Board of Fitness Examiners. Please click the NAFC logo on the left to see available certifications.
The NAFC is an IACET authorized education provider.

Meet FLS Partner Action Personal Trainer Certification

ACTION Personal Trainer Certification (formerly ACT Certification) was launched by a group of like-minded personal trainers who want to change the way the certification industry operates. Action PT believes the ultimate success of a personal trainer is determined by their knowledge, not their certifications or accreditation. A knowledgeable personal trainer will be able to make a dramatic impact on their client and favorably impact the industry as a whole. 
Action PT is NCCA Accredited.

Meet FLS Partner American Kinesiotherapy Association

The American Kinesiotherapy Association serves Registered Kinesiotherapists (RKT) by providing support and education.  The mission of the AKTA is to promote Kinesiotherapy and improve recognition of the profession through the pursuit of legislation and public relations. The AKTA serves the interests of its members and  works to enhance the standard of care provided by Kinesiotherapists through educational opportunities.

Meet FLS Partner National Council for Certified Personal Trainers

The National Council for Certified Personal Trainers (John Platero) was formed to create a vehicle by which new trainers can be recruited, taught the basics, and then to provide these future professionals with a system to earn a good living, while they continue to learn and grow as a Personal Trainer.  NCCPT offers a variety of certification programs.

Meet FLS Partner Aquatic Exercise Association

Aquatic Exercise Association  is a not-for-profit certification and continuing education  organization committed to the advancement of aquatic fitness worldwide.
AEA offers several continuing education courses created by Fitness Learning Systems:
Aquatic Fitness Principles for the Larger Adult
Children's Aquatic Fitness Programming
Aquatic Personal Training Programming
Determining Intensity with Aquatic Target Heart Rates
Aquatic Sport, Function, and Performance
Aquatic Applications and Older Adults     

Meet FLS Partner National Federation of Professional Trainers

National Federation of Professional Trainers 
NFPT has been certifying personal trainers since 1988, seeking to equip trainers and their clients with the education and tools needed to address America's health problems and promote fitness around the world. 
The NFPT certification program is accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) and is nationally and internationally established and recognized.