Partner Course Development

Fitness Learning Systems is proud to work with educational partners to help develop quality eLearning courses.

FLS can help partners convert existing course material into eLearning for online educational delivery.

Fitness Learning Systems can take your existing manuals, books, videos, Power Points, or lectures and help you transform them into an easy to use, educationally sound, eLearning course to use on educational delivery platforms.  And we can do it affordably!

We help partners create new eLearning course content.

Our development team has degrees in health-fitness, education, exercise, and comupter technology. We will make the conversion process as pain free as possible because we understand the materials, the education process, and the computer industry.

You retain full copyright to your materials.  You can continue to present, develop, and expand your material.  
(FLS retains copyright to the educational/developmental process.)

You can use your course content in higher education settings as well as for continuing education courses.  You can create eLearning textbooks that can be sold in your higher learning institution's book store.
FLS stands for the highest quality in CE products.  Our researched learning system (Wasserman Learning Method) helps students learn faster and retain more.  They come back for more of your products.
FLS knows online technology to help you develop and deliver high quality products that make you look professional.  

Provide customized education courses to your certified base- members-students-staff-clients at affordable prices.  
See the 
Education Online Systems (EOS), our education delivery platforms offered through Fitness Learning Systems.