Derrick Wilburn, MBA, BS, CPT, ACE

Derrick WilburnDerrick Wilburn is a 12-year veteran of high-tech sales, marketing, and business development. He left high-tech, corporate America in January of 2001 and founded Wholly Fit, a company and ministry dedicated to promoting physical well being, he also became a member of the Achieve Fitness USA team. He is a lifelong proponent of healthy, active living, and draws upon his experience in the corporate arena to encourage teams and individuals to achieve lofty goals in the area of physical conditioning. He uses his formal educational background to aid, coach, and assist fitness professionals in the quest to move beyond being personal trainers to being business owners. He also integrates components of improved physical function into presentations for improving and perfecting organizations of all sizes.
He has authored numerous articles on business ownership and entrepreneurialism in the fitness industry, is co-author of "The Success Express", a series of books on entrepreneurialism in the fitness industry, and presents at colleges, universities, fitness certification organizations and fitness conventions.
Co-Author of: 90 Days to a FULL Client Base.