Katrien Lemahieu, MESN

Katrien LemahieuKatrien was born in Belgium, but currently lives in the Netherlands. Her studies include Physical Education and she is specialized in Special Movement Education for the younger child. She worked for the Dutch Swimming Foundation NPZ|NRZ as an AquaFitness Specialist and Consultant for the North Region, has taught aerobics since 1996 and has taught aqua fitness since 2000. Katrien is an international presenter for AquaFitness since 2005 and is known for her enthusiasm and energy. She is the creator of the H3O ATP (Aquatic Three Programming) in water, featuring 'new moves' on 3/4 music. In 2010, she will train to become an Aquatic Exercise Association Trainer Specialist.
Author of: Aqua Magic Moves 1 / Aqua Magic Moves 2 / Aqua Magic Moves 3.