Core Conditioning Camp

The information in this article is from Core Conditioning Camp, authored by Melisa Weigelt MS, a continuing education course produced by Fitness Learning Systems.

Many of the exercises in this workout focus on engaging multiple muscle groups while requiring core stabilization. This functional approach to fitness will require the participant to use several muscle groups synergisticly (including the core muscles) in a way that mimics activities of daily living. Therefore, most exercises utilized in this workout will not isolate single muscles.

In addition, when focusing on core strengthening, the core muscles will be worked as stabilizers to maintain a neutral spine position throughout various movements. The traditional “crunch” exercise is not a focus of this workout, since spinal flexion is not a movement that is used often in daily life.

Teach your participants how to “brace” the spine when using spinal stabilization exercises. This involves tightening the muscles of the core, like what one would do when coughing. This makes it possible to maintain a neutral spine position while working against gravity. An example would be the plank exercise that will be used throughout this workout. When holding the plank exercise, participants will be instructed to maintain a neutral spine (avoid sinking hips toward the floor or arching the back). This will be facilitated by utilizing the abdominal bracing technique.

Students should also be provided with information about the benefits of each exercise. Along with instructions for form and technique, you can explain the reasons why an exercise is included in the class. For example, when executing a move that requires balance, the instructor will explain how balance training requires core stabilization and strengthens the muscles of the mid-section.

Core Conditioning Camp Sample Exercises

The Core Conditioning Workout contains Warm Up Exercises, Body Weight Exercises, Cardio and Strength Intervals, and Flexibility Exercises. Following is a sample of exercises from the workout to give you ideas for how you can start to develop integrated core training in your workouts.

Body Weight Exercises

Cardio and Strength Intervals

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Weigelt M. (2019) Core Conditioning Camp: Part 1. Fitness Learning Systems.

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