How to Increase Muscle Mass

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By: World Instructor Training Schools (W.I.T.S.)

This information is from World Instructor Training Schools’ continuing education course: Sport and Exercise Nutrition: Special Considerations. See the full course for additional information on Sports Nutrition.
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  • An increase in skeletal muscle requires a well-designed resistance training program that is supported by a properly formulated dietary program.
  • Sufficient calories are needed for muscles to grow.
    • A rough estimate is 350 – 500 kcal above baseline to support new muscle
    • Males should err on the higher end, Females on the lower end
  • Most additional calories should come from carbohydrate.
  • Some may come from protein foods, but excess high-protein foods can lead to a decrease in glycogen stores.
  • Heart-healthy foods can also be consumed.
  • Some protein is good, but it is often far less than most athletes think.
  • Athletes who consume low-protein diets can benefit from protein supplementation.
    • Whole foods, however, should remain the focus.
    • Overemphasizing protein intake can lead to inadequate carbohydrate intake and excess caloric intake.


How to Increase Muscle Mass

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